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    About Us

    Our company is founded on the promise of providing service with trust and honesty. You trust us with your systems, we give you the best of service with professionalism and efficiency.
    Every professional at Nivitek is skilled, experienced and trained in the latest technologies. We work closely with our clients and achieve their goals, together!
    Call us at +1-678-TEK-PRO3 or email our Sales team.
We Are a highly dedicated, innovative IT Services company, based in Alpharetta, GA,  USA. We are skilled in Infrastructure management, Application Services, cloud-enablement and security management! Our clients have included Fortune 100 firms. We provide offshore and on-site resources for our clients. We proudly maintain your infrastructure, applications and data to be safe, secure and available, so you can meet your SLAs. We evaluate your systems, understand your corporate culture and document your business process.  These are enumerated in our AID package so that our support tiers can keep your SLAs and meet your expectations!
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